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I believe that every human being has a purpose on earth.  For various reasons, people are unhappy, experience blockages, and feel as though they cannot get ahead in life.  Many look outside of themselves to validate what already exists within.  The premise behind my P.A.T.H.W.A.Y.S.™ Coaching Model is that the path most people are on to self-discovery actually lies within and each step along the way correlates to stages of the coaching process.



During this phase of the coaching process, the coach and client explore the reason for obtaining a coach.  The coach acknowledges, validates, and celebrates the client for taking the first step on the journey.


During this phase, the coach uses ICF competencies and intuition to explore barriers, underlying beliefs, toxic behaviors, automatic commitments and any other psychological, emotional, physical, and or spiritual hurdles affecting the client's growth.  Through this process the client begins to unravel the subconscious mind/heart.  The client will gain self-awareness and there will be discoveries.


During this phase, the client is moved into action and a state of self-awareness.  The client identifies an action plan and begins to exercise this plan in their life.  The client identifies structures to put in place that align with their goal to freedom.  The coach acknowledges, encourages, and challenges the client towards freedom from their previous barriers and also holds the client accountable to their action plan.  


The client continues the transition into a transformation of beliefs that align with their purpose and values.  The client is well on their way to their desired outcome or purpose through new beliefs that promote healing and growth.   


The coach continues to support the client by encouraging them to walk in the enlightenment.  It is a myth, and often thought easier, to return to old habits and thought patterns, than to move forward.  During this phase, the client begins to grow to a higher level of consciousness.


This is the phase of truly accepting and embracing the transformation process.  The client embraces his or her fears and experiences freedom through letting go of the past.  The client begins to stay in the moment and does not look back, continuing to move forward into purpose.


The client is whole and in harmony with himself or herself.  The client no longer identifies solely with the past and there is a reconciliation where the client begins to operate in his or her “true self.”


The client and coach establish follow-up mechanisms to ensure the changes that manifested during coaching are lasting in nature.  

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