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Passionate About Helping Others

I am a certified life coach in Washington DC and the surrounding metropolitan area offering one-on-one life coaching and consulting services for individuals around the globe as well as business organizations and local governments.  I have a passion for helping people to help themselves and I love serving others, which is why I became a life coach.  Some of my specific talents include a strong sense of discernment, the ability to encourage through overwhelming circumstances and a teaching mindset that allows me to challenge thought processes in a non-confrontational way.  I want to see people living their best lives and organizations performing at optimal levels.  

I believe that we are all connected and that it truly takes a village to help each other navigate life's challenging pathways.  Think of me like a sherpa helping you to reach your highest summit.  My goal is always to leave a lasting impact that enables people to continue evolving on their own.  A successful coach should actually empower clients so that the coach's services are eventually no longer needed.  If we work together you will be amazed at how much more full and vivid your life will become.   

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Certifications & Education
  • Certification in Executive and Personal Coaching - International Coaching Federation

  • Certification in 'Prepare Enrich' methodology for Marriage Coaching

  • Master of Psychology and Human Sciences 

  • Master of Public Administration 

Qualifications & Competencies
  • Executive Coaching

  • Marriage/Couples Coaching

  • Trauma-informed Coaching

  • Intellectual/Developmental Disability Support

    • Aspergers​

    • Autism

    • Brain Injury

  • Young Adult Transitions

  • Veteran Transitions 

  • Life Skills Acquisition 

  • Individual Success

    • Professional & Personal Growth​

    • Dating 

    • Branding

  • Organizational Support

    • Teambuilding

    • Onboard Orientations

    • General Human Resources Training

  •  Public Speaking

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